Workshop: eduPERT and ESnet present: An Overview in Emerging (and not) Networking Technologies - Part II Save to my Google calendar

19/05/2014 10:00-13:30
Lecture Theatre B
This event aims at training performance experts, providing validated performance resources and face to face training. The day of Sunday will be the "Performance U!" annual workshop which provides a strong educational base where the community can learn about performance implications of new tools and new technologies. The school will cover technical aspects like TCP tuning and measurement tools giving this year much more space to practical hands-on. On Sunday afternoon before the conclusion of the day the annual F2F meeting will be held.
Monday, engineers from The Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) will present content related to the Science DMZ network design pattern. Materials will include an overview of network architecture, a discussion on the practical aspects of network security for scientific use cases, a review of the perfSONAR monitoring framework, and finally a discussion on bulk data transfer improvements made possible through advanced software and hardware.

Sunday the 18th of May
9:00 Opening and Welcome
9:15 TCP Training with hands-on session
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Measurement tools with hands-on session
16:00 EduPERT annual F2F meeting
17:00 Conclusion of the day

Monday the 19th of May - Brian Tierney ESnet
9:00 Science DMZ Architecture & Security Policy
10:00 perfSONAR Monitoring and Network Troubleshooting
11:00 Data Transfer Node (DTN) Construction & Bulk data Movement
12:00 Conclusion of the event: How was it? What would you have done