BoF: Federated Identity Management for Researchers Save to my Google calendar

20/05/2014 19:00-21:30
Lecture Theatre B
One of the visions of the European Commission for the Horizon 2020 funding period is that all researchers should be able to access their required IT Compute and Data services via the use of a single electronic identity. Much work has already been done in FIM4R, Geant, eduGAIN, REFEDs, TERENA, EGI, IGTF and elsewhere over many years, and many of the technologies already exist. To take this forward to a workable implementation requires an agreement on what technical solutions should be used, particularly in the area of attribute aggregation, and work on policies, procedures and trust to build a scalable, manageable, trustworthy, operational access control system.

This BoF will allow discussion on current work and future plans to facilitate federated identity management and access control for researchers in Europe and beyond. The session will also discuss current plans for the Horizon 2020 calls as well as longer term aims.
Anyone working in this area or with views to share would be very welcome.

The agenda will include:

1. Introduction – Brief overview and aims of the BoF
2. Reminder of the requirements of researchers for (global) federated identity management
3. Overview of recent activities in the federations and other providers
4. Current plans for responding to Horizon 2020 calls
5. Discussion – what next?