BoF: AAI/Eduroam in schools Save to my Google calendar

21/05/2014 13:30-14:30
For lifelong learning, mobile devices schools need WLAN technology.
Why reinvent the wheel, especially since we can offer them a proven and
successful service such as eduroam?
Similar requests come from web applications, such as Learning Management
Systems, needing a WebSSO solution. Why not reuse the technology we use
in our AAI federations?

No wonder that several NRENs are already providing AAI and/or eduroam
services to schools while some of them are in the planning phase.

Since schools are often without skilled IT personnel they are looking
for hosted services such as IdP, LDAP and Radius. They also need an
Identity Management System catered to their specific needs.

In the BoF:
- some presentations by NRENs already providing services
- discussion:
- specific needs of schools
- how to provide them a scalable solution
- an opportunity for collaboration?