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20/05/2014 19:00-21:30
Shibboleth is among the world's most widely deployed federated identity solutions, connecting users to applications both within and between organisations. The Shibboleth Consortium was formed in 2013 to ensure the design and delivery of a third generation identity provider platform that will carry the SAML-using community into a second decade. This session will discuss the features of the forthcoming Shibboleth v3 releases, the plans for the future, as well as providing the opportunity to interact with the consortium principals.

Members of the Shibboleth Consortium are particularly encourage to attend.

Draft Agenda:

1. Update on Shibboleth Consortium
2. Shibboleth v3
3. Future plans including ongoing support for Shibboleth v2
4. Supporting Shibboleth
5. Consortium business