Meeting: TF-CPR and Global PR Network - joint meeting Save to my Google calendar

18/05/2014 10:30-18:30
Lecture Theatre A
For the second consecutive year, the TERENA Task Force on Communications and Public Relations (TF-CPR) and the Global PR Network will hold a joint meeting immediately preceding the TERENA Networking Conference.

TF-CPR promotes collaboration between European research and education networking organisations in the areas of communications, marketing and public relations. It meets 3 times per year to exchange best practices and to learn about topics of common interest during hands-on workshops and lively presentations. The Global PR Network interlinks TF-CPR and other regional communications-PR groups to pursue such collaborations between NRENs around the world.

Anyone with an interest in this area is welcome to join the meeting. The agenda is currently being formed. Possible topics already under consideration are:
- updates on NREN communications-PR activities;
- review of TF-CPR and Global PR Network activities since the TNC2013 joint meeting;
- the ELCIRA project's continuation and work to promote end-user services;
- exploring the possibility of a global NREN communications-PR compendium and how this relates to NREN
- promoting the 'global classroom'
- lessons to learn from recent Dengue fever outreach activities.

Any further agenda ideas are welcome - please send them to durnford@terena.org.