12 - Community Connection Service for eScience

Ronald van der Pol (SURFnet), Marijke Kaat (SURFnet), Bart Gijsen (TNO), Rudolf Strijkers (TNO), Piotr Zuranewski (TNO), Erik Meeuwissen (TNO)

The Community Connection (CoCo) service project is one of the
GN3plus Open Call projects running from October 2013 until
April 2015. The partners are SURFnet (NL) and TNO (NL).
In CoCo we build a prototype for on-demand multi-domain,
multipoint virtual private networks for eScience communities.

Typical users are research communities that form a closed user group
and that want their eScience resources (servers, VMs, laptops,
storage, instruments, etc.) interconnected, but reachable for their
closed community only. Scientists will be able to use a simple and
easy to use web portal to setup CoCo instances over an OpenFlow
enabled infrastructure.

The OpenFlow infrastructure is controlled by OpenDaylight based
CoCo agents. Each domain (NREN) runs its own CoCo agent and CoCo
agents exchange information by peering relations between neighbouring
domains. Each domain also runs a web portal on top of its CoCo
agent which is used by the users of that NREN to setup and tear
down CoCo instances.

Forwarding in the core of the network is done based on MPLS labels.
Two labels are used. The outer label is used to forward to a
particular Provider Edge (PE) switch. The inner MPLS label is used
to distinguish between CoCo instances. Adding and removing MPLS
labels is done by the PE switches.

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