14 - The new perfSONAR

Domenico Vicinanza (Dante)

perfSONAR started almost 10 years ago as a collaboration between ESnet, Internet2, DANTE/GEANT and RNP.
During the past years, two different perfSONAR implementations (MDM and PS) went along different paths, following the local user communities needs in USA and Europe and becoming mostly incompatible.

At the end of 2013, GÉANT, Internet2, Indiana University and ESnet started working together on a different approach: using the experience gained during the past years to pick from the perfSONAR MDM and PS software packages the components able to deliver a consistent high quality experience to the users and bundle them into a commonly branded and jointly released platform.
The result is a new perfSONAR, result of the convergence of the two platforms, able to address users from local campus networks to international projects, flexible, robust and sustainable. No more confusion, no more fragmentation, no more issues about interoperability.

The poster describes the first prototype of a monitoring infrastructure based on the new perfSONAR has been prepared for TNC2014. It includes four measurement points, two in the US, Washington and New York, and two in Europe, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The measurement points are located at the respective ends of the transatlantic links which interconnect the European and North American research and education networking communities, enabling the prototype to be tested in an operational environment.

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