07 - Multi-Domain VPN, a new network service

Xavier JEANNIN (RENATER), Tomasz Szewczyk (PSNC), Thomas Schmid (DFN), Carlos Friacas (FCT-FCCN), Jovana Palibrk (AMRES), Dusan Pajin (AMRES), Jani Myyry (FUnet), Bojan Jakovljevic (AMRES), Miguel Angel Sotos (RedIRIS), Brian Bach Mortensen (NORDUnet)

The GN3plus Multi-Domain VPN (MD-VPN) service delivers seamless private interconnection of two or more networks across multiple network domains. This allows the users of their IPv4/IPv6 (or Layer2) networks to work as if their networks are in the same local domain.

The MD-VPN service will be very useful for international end-user (researchers) collaboration, especially to support data exchange and cooperation on a daily basis. As MDVPN is very flexible and fast to deliver to end users, there will be a wide scope for MDVPN use, from the long-term infrastructure with intensive network usage to quick point-to-point for a conference demonstration (for instance: clusters, grids, cloud and HPC centres, allowing them to form virtual resources, network innovation like BoD, SDN, remote education, data transfer between two sites …).

During this 1st year, SA3T3 made significant progress, among these achievements, we can underline the followings:

• An innovative design validated

o Based on stable and scalable technology

o High scalability

• An umbrella of services: IPv4, IPv6, P2P L2VPN, VPLS, L3VPN

• A wide deployment

o Implementation on DANTE Backbone

o 10 NRENs connected

o 8 NRENs commit to joint (end of GN3plus)

o no hardware investment as we expected/designed

• A first international research project (XiFi) chose MD-VPN

• An original service that is not available in commercial NSP portfolio

The aim of this poster is to disseminate the technology and also promote MD-VPN service toward NRENs and scientist project. MD-VPN is currently into pilot phase and before running in production by the end of GN3plus project

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