A tentative look into the future: can we construct an EurAsian transcontinental backbone for science and commerce?!

Since 2008 we all are in an economic crisis. Fortunately, in certain cities and city area’s recently business and industry is suddenly picking up speed. Examples are Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Bavaria in Germany (“Laptops und Lederhosen”). On closer inspection city area’s are booming in a STRING from the middle of the UK, through the Netherlands, the German Ruhr area, Bavaria, Austria all the way to Istanbul. It roughly follows the beds of the rivers Rhine and Donau. I call this city string “Corridoria”. In a blog I maintain the list of cities on it that trail that are or can be expected to flourish. It runs from the Atlantic coast of Ireland all the way to the Pacific coast in China. Since it connects Europa and China faster than by ship and less expensive than by plane, it may be interesting to invest in the cities and universities on this Corridoria list and establish trading posts there in cooperation with trusted merchants and well connected logistic service providers. NREN's are part of something bigger: PlanetBrain.org . The resulting fiber optic network structure will be similar to Gaia's Necklace bacause it will include towns and villages around the big connected cities.


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