The Belnet PI Project - An attempt to facilitate the access to eduroam and the federation.

For some organizations, implementing eduroam or the federation is not that easy (no specialized IT staff, no time, not enough technical knowledge,...) The idea is to provide a device (currently based on raspberry pi) with pre-configured set of software and a Web based front-end for not too technical customers. They could then quickly set up and test eduroam and the federation (can be configured in less than 30min). This Raspberry Pi has the advantage of being cheap and easily transportable so we can bring it along during a customer visit and leave it there for a while. The main purpose is to test the services but it could eventually be set in production in very small organizations. It can be used as training equipment for labs, workshops or become an eduroam access point when on the move.



  • Nicolas Loriau

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Thunderbolts and Lightning

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