AARNet: 100G coast-to-coast

In 2013 AARNet implemented possibly the longest un-regenerated 100G production optical network in the world. Starting in Western Australia at the extremely remote Murchison Regional Observatory - location of the future SKA telescope - this network runs 800 km south to Perth, before heading east and traversing 2700km before arriving in Adelaide. Total un-regenerated distance: 3470km.

The path from Perth to Adelaide includes the arid Nullarbor Plain, over 1000km wide. During the crossing, it becomes clear there’s no reason for a telco to be there – almost no populations to connect, no power grid, and temperatures soaring high into the forties before plummeting to freezing overnight.

This network brings 8Tbps of connectivity to one of the most remote parts of Australia. This talk touches on the challenges overcome - technical, environmental and logistical - as well as the future use of this network supporting radioastronomy and supercomputing.


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