From NSI demonstrations to production services: the NSI-CONTEST conformance test suite for NSIv2.0

The Network Service Interface (NSI) by OGF is emerging as the standard inter-domain interface for Bandwidth on Demand. The NSI Connection Service version 2.0 is being released by OGF NSI-WG bringing new features and significant updates to the previous version of the protocol. However, it has emerged as extremely critical for NSI to step up from demonstrations and work on a reference implementation that could ease the NSI adoption in production RENs.

This talk aims at presenting the system being implemented and delivered through the NSI-CONTEST project and at promoting its use and adoption in the RENs community. Objective is to engage with potential users of the conformance test suite, as well as to collect feedbacks and expectations by NSI developers possibly attending the TNC2014 conference.



  • Bartosz Belter
  • Gino Carrozzo

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