Data Analysis as a Service (DAaaS)

In recent years, the amount of data generated has been increasing exponentially. The data is coming from different sources such as machine logs, gene sequencing, sensor networks, network flows, social media. Researchers in education and research sector from areas e.g. Bioinformatics, computer science, astronomy, environmental science has huge data sets and would like to analyze this data without worrying about the scale of data sets. Thus there is an increasing demand of getting this data to work by storing and processing it in a horizontally scalable way.

At Uninett, we have a project titled “Data Analysis as a Service (DaaS)”, which is investigating the possibility of providing a common infrastructure to researchers where they can store and process their data using advanced algorithms at big scale. This talk will describe this idea in bit more detail and early result from this project to offer such a service to Education and research sector as well to NRENs themselves.



  • Gurvinder Singh, UNINETT

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