Location of the Square Kilometre Array data processor

The SANReN team at the CSIR provided input to a trade-off study being performed by the SKA South Africa, to help determine where the science data processor (the supercomputer) for the Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope should be located. Two of the biggest factors are the cost of providing power, and the cost of data transport. If the SDP is built in Cape Town, it will be necessary to send data at rates in excess of 20TB/s on a long haul fibre route. Building the SDP close to the core of the telescope, in the Karoo desert avoids this long haul high speed link, but means that new, high capacity power line will have to constructed to power the SDP.

This talk will:

  1. Show the high level data transport architecture envisaged for the SKA, by means of a diagram
  2. Show which physical locations being considered in the trade-off study by means of maps
  3. Share some of the non-confidential detail of SANReN's request for information (RFI) to obtain information on the cost of data transport



  • Simeon Miteff, SANReN

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