Cloud-based architecture for eEducation content provision in remote rural areas.

Rural areas in South Africa have traditionally had difficulty in gaining access to learning materials. With the advent of electronic tablets the possibility of creating an eEduction environment is becoming a reality in environments where such education resources are scarce. Currently SANReN, the South African NREN is in the process of rolling out and upgrading the network with the primary aim of connecting tertiary institutions. However extending the network firstly to FET (Further Education and Training) colleges and then to schools is being muted. As many of the schools are in remote rural areas, far away from the national network backbone, they are unlikely to be connected in the time scales envisaged. In order to ensure that these schools should not be left out, innovative interim solutions are needed.

A proposed solution is to use a central cloud based infrastructure holding the eEducation repository which via satelites and cellphone communications can then be controlled and transferred to a caching server located at a number of central schools from where other schools are connected via a mesh.


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