Using OpenConext to build service delivery platforms

In 2012 Dutch NREN SURFnet released the OpenConext platform, an open source middleware suite for building collaborative platforms. The platform combines Federated Identity Management, federated groups, portals and distributed applications to deliver services. Since then the product offering of OpenConext has improved significantly, and several international organizations have picked up OpenConext to build their own platforms. This presentation showcases the results of work in Australia and the UK in 2013 and reports on the progress as production level services become available in 2014. The audience of this presentation learns on how OpenConext can be used to deliver (collaborative) services and is familiar with (non-technical) the concepts of federated identity management, groups and distributed services.



  • Authors:
  • * Guido Aben, AARNet
  • * Bob Bell, Jisc Conext
  • * Niels van Dijk, SURFnet
  • * David Hartland, Jisc
  • * George Munroe, Jisc Conext
  • * Carl Vincent, Jisc Netskills (presenting)
  • * Neil Witheridge, AARNet (presenting)

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Service delivery platforms

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