Ultra-high Speed, long reach 400G-1000G Transmission made real,

New networking high water marks were achieved recently at important conferences where demonstrations attempted to address networking challenges in current High Performance Computing. These networks required spectral efficiency, photonic agility, high capacity and guaranteed availability over complex infrastructures. This presents formidable challenges and increasing complexity to network operators. One approach that was demonstrated is to increase the ability of the photonic layer to transport more information.At present, 100G is commonly used as the current technology of choice, but with emerging new applications coming forward, new techniques are required to increase the fiber capacity to transport more information. In this presentation, we will discuss the integration of the high density transport techniques that were used to carry 400 Gb/s live WAN traffic during SC13. We will describe the necessary technology, including photonic backbone ability to insert and carry super-channels and resulting improvements in spectral efficiency. Research results and unique demonstrations of traffic optimization and flexibility scenarios using multiple 100GE traffic sources will be described by Marc Lyonnais, member of the SCinet WAN transport team of SC13 and Network researcher at Ciena Research Labs.



  • Marc Lyonnais, Ciena Research Labs

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