"EYR-Global" Enabling 4 Global Data-Intensive Research Projects

To ensure that researchers — no matter where they are located — can meet the time-critical needs of their research in this new paradigm, five National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), ESnet, Funet, Internet2, Janet and SURFnet have brought their resources together to jumpstart a new “Enlighten Your Research Global” initiative. With this new competition the organizing NRENs aim to reach out to the advanced research user community, challenging them to submit use cases which benefit from high speed networking as well by showing the possibilities of these modern networks. In addition, the program is a good example of how NREN’s collaborate in organizing the support for international research. Through a two-step proposal process, researchers were asked to share details about their experiment or collaboration, their research goals and the networking resources they may require to improve their research. The first step of the process was a lightweight evaluation of draft proposals submitted by the researchers. The second step consisted of a consultation round, followed by an evaluation of the final proposals, including the network requirements. In consultation with the five participating NREN’s, researchers and the ICT support staff from their home institutions worked to develop plans for creating a robust solution to connect their collaborators, experiment and other resources on an international scale. The NRENs in return have developed a plan for supporting these needs including those that can be provided at no cost to the research collaboration.



  • Sylvia Kuijpers, Mary Hester, Edward Moynihan, David Salmon, Natalie Allred, Alexander van den Hil, Peter Hinrich

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