geant Open Cloud eXchange (OCX): Bringing Cloud Services to NRENs

We will present the concept of Open Cloud eXchange (OCX) that has been proposed by the GN3plus JRA1 activity, to bridge the gap between two major components of the cloud services provisioning infrastructure: Cloud Service Provider (CSP) infrastructure; and cloud services delivery infrastructure which in many cases requires dedicated local infrastructure and quality of services that cannot be delivered by the public Internet infrastructure. In both cases there is a need for interconnecting the CSP infrastructure and local access network infrastructure, in particular, to solve the "last mile" problem in delivering cloud services to customer locations and individual (end-)users. The Geant OCX service (gOCX) remains neutral to actual cloud services provisioning and limits its services to Layer 0 through Layer 2 to remain transparent to current cloud services model. The proposed OCX concept will leverage the existing Internet eXchange (IX) and GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange (GOLE) solutions and practices, adding specific functionality that will simplify inter-CSP and customer infrastructure integration when supporting basic cloud services provisioning models.


  • Damir Regvart AAI@EduHr - Croatian Research and Education Federation


  • Yuri Demchenko - UvA
  • Damir Regvart - CARNET
  • Migiel de Vos - SURFnet
  • Sonja Filiposka - UKIM
  • Kurt Baumann - SWITCH
  • Tasos Karaliotas - GRNET
  • Daniel Arbel - IUCC
  • Tony Breach - NORDUNET
  • Alex Mavrin - Apteriks
  • Taras Matselyukh - Opt-Net BV
  • Eduard Escalona - I2CAT
  • Jeroen van der Ham, Cees de Laat - UvA

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