Working together to build a regional network:TEIN

With globalization, there is a great need not only for the commercial entity to have good internet connectivity, researchers also need good connectivity. Over the past year we have seen the “birth” of a number of National Research and Education Networks(NRENs) in the ASIA region. One of the factors that has accelerated the growth and formation of NRENs and interconnection of the NRENs with high-speed link within the region as well as with Europe, is the Trans Eurasia Information Network(TEIN) project. The paper will talk about the community working together to grown and take ownership of the management of the regional network in TEIN4 with the formation of the TEIN*CC entity.



  • Bu-Sung Lee, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological university, Singapore
  • David West, DANTE, Cambridge, UK
  • Tae Hee Lee, TEIN*CC, Seoul, Korea
  • ByungKyu Kim, TEIN*CC, Seoul. Korea

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