SENSE - Secure Enterprise Networks Simple & Easy

Setting up an enterprise-class WiFi network is a complex task. The steps needed on the server side are complex enough (setting up a RADIUS server with almost 100% uptime!), but the much more time-consuming task is to set up end-users' devices correctly and securely.

The SENSE OpenCall project of GN3plus aims to improve usability and technical completeness of end-user devices (specifically, their EAP supplicants) so that enterprise networks (such as eduroam) can be setup and used smoothly and at the same time securely. SENSE started in October 2013; by the time of the TNC2014 conference, significant preliminary results will already have been achieved.

Four aspects of the supplicant onboarding problem are tackled:

  1. Define a standard for EAP configuration information
  2. Make supplicants comparable and judge their relative strengths and weaknesses
  3. Create a permanent and open test environment for implementers to test their supplicant implementation against
  4. Implementation of EAP supplicants/front-ends on select devices



  • Stefan Winter <stefan.winter@restena.lu>
  • Tomasz Wolniewicz <twoln@umk.pl>

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