IdP in the cloud: identity management as a service at GARR

Identity federations are a benefit for NRENs’ communities and e-Infrastructures. Common protocols and attributes offer simpler credential management, allowing service providers to reach more potential users. However, smaller institutions may struggle when setting up the tools needed to join a federation. The “IdP in the cloud” service relieves the lack of resources, expertise and manpower that can discourage the adoption of an identity provider. By automating the creation and the maintenance of an IdP, local account managers can focus on the users accreditation and policies. The talk presents the lessons the IDEM federation and GARR are learning in running the new service.



  • Fabio Farina
  • Andrea Biancini
  • Maria Laura Mantovani
  • Marco Malavolti
  • Pasquale Mandato
  • Cristiano Valli
  • Luca Prete
  • Sabrina Tomassini

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