HEAnet Cloud Strategy

HEAnet is no different from most other NRENs in terms of the fast changing technical environment in which it operates. The advent of cloud computing, the continued proliferation of mobile devices, combined with the increasing availability of quality broadband access, is having a profound effect on how education services will be delivered in the future. Technological change presents both challenges and opportunities for NRENs and in devising a new HEAnet services strategy, an understanding of both the changing technological and educational environment is required. This talk presents a new HEAnet services strategy that is both cognisant and embracing of these changes. Aligning to our new organisational strategic plan, this session will set out a new multi-layered approach to delivery of HEAnet services. At a strategic level, this talk will set out a new HEAnet service model illustrating where HEAnet seeks to add value across both community cloud and public cloud value chains. The layers of the services model will then be illustrated by reference to updates on active HEAnet programmes and key service developments at each layer. The new cloud services strategy aims to offer choice in terms of a private community cloud platform that differentiates against public cloud offerings in terms of the NREN's private network, low latency, security and data protection assurance. However, in recognising that many of today's campus services continue to be outsourced to the larger public cloud vendors, the HEAnet cloud services strategy also aims to add value in terms of cloud brokering of such services. The HEAnet cloud services strategy will also look to leverage cloud initiatives from across NREN and other public service communities.


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