Secure alternative to Dropbox-like sync and share solutions

In our presentation we discuss a secure alternative to popular file synchronisation solutions that provides easy to use and efficient data synchronisation, storage and sharing functionality. It was worked out by PSNC and partners from the PIONIER consortium under NDS2 project. We discuss the architecture of NDS2 and functionality of clients that implement on-the-fly and transparent encryption. As efficiency of encrypted data storage and access might be perceived as a challenge, we provide a detailed performance analysis of our applications. We also discuss possible options of deploying NDS2 clients and servers for building on-premise services for secure data synchronisation, storage and access. Our work shows that NDS2, while having only basic functionality for synchronising, storing and accessing user’ data, does its job well by ensuring data security, high level of efficiency as well as ease of use and integration and minimal requirements to user environment.



  • Maciej Brzeźniak
  • Gracjan Jankowski
  • Michał Jankowski
  • Stanisław Jankowski
  • Norbert Meyer
  • Rafał Mikołajczak
  • Paweł Woszuk
  • Adam Zawada
  • Sławomir Zdanowski;
  • Kamil Guryn
  • Tomasz Chmiel
  • Łukasz Redynk

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