geant Making a MEAL of eduroam over 4G

eduroam is a successful roaming network access federation built upon Wi-Fi. This presentation reports about the creation of an eduroam-like mechanism for federating network access based upon UMTS and/or LTE data connectivity. In doing so, the presentation addresses - among other things - the additional challenges resulting from the involvement of third party commercial network providers, the protection of eduroam credentials, and accommodating the charging models of the providers. One of the strengths of eduroam is that it works between organisations, both nationally and internationally. In extending eduroam to 3G and 4G networks, we envision a situation where an NREN interconnects with a national mobile operator that offers 3G/4G mobile services. The key challenge in realising an eduroam-like service with 3G/4G networks is that people can use it everywhere in the world, at the same conditions. The eduroam component is the use of eduroam credentials in a privacy-preserving mechanism identical to Wi-Fi authentication to add an authorisation step to gaining access to 4G connectivity. At least two NRENs are needed to explore the concept of extending eduroam from a Wi-Fi centric service to a service that can also be used over the range of wireless communication networks that are used by mobile operators (2G/3G/4G).



  • Mark O’Leary, Janet
  • Frans Panken, SURFnet

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