Janet Aurora - evolution to a National Dark-fibre facility

Janet Aurora is a UK dark-fibre facility to support photonics and optical systems research and development. It has been operating since late 2007 and in its various phases has provided direct fibre connections to between four and five Universities with groups undertaking major photonics R&D programmes. Over the course of the last six years the facility has supported work that has let to significant new results that have been reported in the key journals and at the most prestigious international conferences, including several post-deadline papers, and as such the facility has been very successful.
The presentation will review the Aurora network as it has been and its new direction towards a National Dark-Fibre facility following recent funding awards which will provide a stable underpinning for its operation over the next five years. An overview of the most-significant work that has been undertaken will be provided, and looking forward the new infrastructure will be described including its topology, its SDN inspired optical node design, and the intersections with other national and international infrastructures which will allow experimenters to share and programme the infrastructure to support collaborative research.


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