Group authorisation and licensing for federated cloud services

The coming years more and more cloud services will emerge and take a prominent role in every organization’s ICT landscape. The cloud adds a new dimension to providing access to the services and utilising them and consequently adds new demands on the way licenses should be provided. Licensing rights should be made available with a high degree of flexibility so that applications can be used “any time, any place, and on any device on ‘pay as you go’ conditions” to support instant delivery of cloud services. Another trend is for students and employees of educational institutions to collaborate nationally and internationally in teams that go beyond the level of particular institutions and disciplines. This means a broader and smaller target group. Today’s campus-based license structures for authorisation will no longer suffice to support this trend. Licenses for a more targeted and flexible user base will be needed to meet the emerging authorisation demands of eResearch. To support both trends, appropriate license and group-related information should be communicated to the service provider for authorisation enforcement. Three high-level approaches to orchestrate authorisation for group-based licenses will be presented and discussed in the context of identity federations for higher education and research.



  • Bob Hulsebosch (InnoValor)
  • Wouter de Wit (Everett)
  • Michiel Schok (SURFnet)

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