Students Broadcasting in 4K, and other Adventures

Janet have been working on a number of projects to support UK student video production and broadcast in both 4k and HD. Working with the University of Leeds (the 2014 host of Janet’s annual conference, Networkshop) Janet has enabled students to develop new skills in the production of 4k content and streaming video across the network, which they would not have previously not had access to during their education. By providing students with the ability to create a unique 4k film, Janet has enabled these students to work with a new and exciting broadcast standard. To further support student live video broadcast, Janet has also provided a Wowza based streaming platform for NaSTA (National Student Television Association) and the SRA (Student Radio Association). The platform enables them to stream an array of live content to up to 3000 simultaneous users in HD. A growing number of UK students have been using this platform since 2012.


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