Things We Learned Creating a Research Storage Cloud

In 2012, AARNet embarked on a project to build a cloud based storage system using solely open source components. 18 months on, the deployment team is now wiser in the ways of large scale file systems, solving the tyranny of distance for service clients that don’t have modern TCP stacks, Anycast advertisement, and utilising available bandwidth on a transcontinental network. The initial scope underwent several revisions as limitations in the intended packages and products were discovered, that even the software vendors weren’t aware of. Some were easily solved, others required quick and innovative thinking to get the project across to release. Technical solutions that were initially expected to be hard, turned out to be exceptionally simple, whilst solutions that should have been a solved problem in 2010, turned out to not be so.



  • Stephen Walsh (AARNet)
  • David Jericho (AARNet)
  • Past Authors
  • Guido Aben (AARNet)
  • Angus Griffin (AARNet)

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