Making lightpaths available to users: don't forget the campus!

Lightpaths are essential to many research areas, such as genomics, astronomy and physics. Most NRENs nowadays offer lightpaths to their customers, both on a national and international level. In an ideal world, a researcher can setup a lightpath between two endpoints anywhere on the globe. Of course, this requires a lot of coordination between all NRENs internationally. Luckily this is already taking place, for instance through the GÉANT Bandwidth on Demand project. But another important party often seems to be forgotten. A lightpath is more than just a wavelength on an NREN's network. Or is the researcher's office always located inside the server room? I guess not. So to get one step closer to the ideal world mentioned above: please don't forget the campus network when working with lightpaths! During this talk you will be presented a "cookbook lightpaths", a document that contains all essential knowledge an institution needs to successfully implement lightpaths. The results are based on past experiences from SURFnet's "Enlighten Your Research" contest, a contest where researchers and institutions can win free usage of both infrastructure, and storage and compute resources, for the period of two years.


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