OpenNaaS: An Enabler to deploy Virtual Network Functions

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has emerged, along with Software-Defined Networking, as one of the most promising paradigms for revolutionising the way we manage networks. A huge majority of the telecom industrial stakeholders claim that virtualizing network functions will help their businesses by reducing management and operational costs, without affecting network performance and service provisioning workflows. This presentation will present how Virtual Network Functions are enabled through the OpenNaaS framework. A proof-of-concept implementation (i.e. the forwarding function over OpenFlow environments) will be analysed. Finally, the presentation will go through the different advantages that NFV-enabled implementations can bring to the NREN community.



  • Jordi Ferrer Riera
  • Josep Batallé
  • Eduard Escalona
  • Joan A. García-Espín

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SDN applications

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