geant ARES: Advanced Networking for Distributing Genomic Data

The strategic objective of the project ARES (Advanced networking for the EU genomic RESearch) is to create a novel Content Distribution Network (CDN) architecture supporting medical and research activities making a large use of genomic data. The presentation summarizes the current status of the project, the ongoing research, and the achieved and expected results. The main research objectives of ARES are: - To gain a deep understanding of network problems relating to a sustainable increase in the use of genomes and relevant annotations for diagnostic and research purposes. - To allow extensive use of genomes through the collection of relevant information available on the network for the purpose of gene sequencing of diseases. - To identify suitable management policies of genomes and annotations, in terms of efficiency, resiliency, scalability, and QoS in a distributed environment using a multi-user CDN approach.



  • Gianluca Reali
  • Mauro Femminella
  • Emilia Nunzi
  • Dario Valocchi

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Networking architecture

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