Flex-Grid architecture for NREN optical networks

The current work assesses the impact of Flex-Grid technology within NRENs’ core optical networks. Flex-Grid technology is suggested as a solution to cope with the different challenges in NREN transport networks such as traffic increase and introduction of novel physical layer services. Flex-Grid refers to narrow channel spacing values and requires a control plane which would enable all benefits given by the flexible spectrum allocation. GMPLS is considered in our implementation and it is described together with the on-going work of investigating the NRENs benefit from the introduction of Flex-Grid architecture.



  • Ioan Turus, NORDUnet A/S
  • Anna Manolova Fagertun, Technical University of Denmark
  • Josva Kleist, NORDUnet A/S
  • Lars Dittmann, Technical University of Denmark

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