OFERTIE: Enabling SDN/OpenFlow support in ROIAs

In this talk we present ongoing work in the OFERTIE project where we are developing new tools and APIs to explore how real-time online interactive applications (ROIAs) can benefit from underlying Openflow-based SDN deployment. The project has performed a business model driven analysis and is now defining and implementing new components of an SDN/OpenFlow architecture to better support dynamic application QoS requirements. The work includes extensions to OpenNaaS to enhance the Network Control Layer (NCL) capabilities, and a new Northbound API for ROIA developers. We describe how the API can be used to enhance Spinor’s Shark3D real-time, multi-user virtual world editor, through adaptations to the Real-Time Framework (RTF) developed at the University of Münster. OFERTIE is being also demonstrated this week at a joint booth at TNC with OpenNaaS - please visit us there.



  • Tim Chown, University of Southampton, UK
  • Eduard Escalona, i2CAT Foundation, Spain
  • Tim Humernbrum, University of Münster, Germany
  • Folker Schamel, Spinor GmbH, Germany

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