geant How to move toward successful software development in Networking

I’m going to focus during my presentation on three main topics: (1) Software development (SWD) in NRENs, what makes it unique? (2) What drives the successful SWD and (3) What lessons can be learnt. The first topic will reveal what are the key factors driving the SWD in NRENs, what approaches are used for SWD and what challenges have been identified. The second topic will answer why software requirements management is so important and why the end-users are often forgotten. And finally the third topic will summarize what software development methodology from the range of current best practices is best suited for NREN software development, taking into account a multi-domain heterogeneous environment.


  • Marcin Wolski PSNC - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center


  • Vilmos Bilicki - Assistant Professor, University of Szeged / NIIF
  • Ivana Golub - CARNet
  • Pavle Vuletic - AMRES
  • Marcin Wolski - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

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Bandwidth on deathbed?

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