Towards a next gen Global Network Architecture for R&E

By joining forces the R&E Networks can be bigger players in relevant markets -e.g. the intercontinental transmission market- than today where spending is less directed. Hence, the R&E Networks can be much more ambitious and create a more far reaching result, yielding a sustainable high-performance global interconnect for Research & Education. By joining forces, the leading R and E Networks have the potential to bring this Global R&E Network infrastructure within reach. This talk will bring you up to speed on the status of the work on the Global Network Architecture and a peek into the further direction going forward will be provided. The will be room for Q & A.



  • Greg Bell (ESnet)
  • Erik-Jan Bos (NORDUnet)
  • Rob Evans (JANET)
  • Gustavo Garcia (RedCLARA)
  • Xing Li (CERNET)
  • Inder Monga (ESnet)
  • Edward Moynihan (Internet2)
  • Bram Peeters (SURFnet)
  • Michael Stanton (RNP)
  • Mian Usman (DANTE)
  • Rob Vietzke (Internet2)
  • David Wilde (AARNet)
  • James Williams (Internet2)

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Disruptive networks

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