geant Experiments in collaborative art across R&E networks

Technology and art are probably two of the most intrinsically linked disciplines in the spectrum of human knowledge. One of the reasons is probably because of their complementarity and their natural synergy: art and technology are global languages, global expression of the human creativity in two different but quite special fields. GÉANT and the advanced national research and education networks in Europe and in the world represent the highest expression of network technology. Thinking of GEANT supporting arts and humanities is then a quite natural (or at least unsurprising) endeavour. The presentation summarises the latest achievements in the field of arts and humanities supported by GÉANT and the NRENs in Europe. In other words, how the pervasive availability across the research and education environment of high bandwidth, low latency and low jitter networks, are not only improving the way artists work and deliver performances, but rethinking completely the whole creative process



  • Domenico Vicinanza

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1+1=3 in education

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