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The European Commission (EC) aimed to widen participation in GÉANT by openly selecting participants to undertake RTD activities through the process of an “Open Call”. It is the first time that GÉANT has selected partners in this way and provides a fantastic opportunity to leverage skills and expertise that exists outside of the current GÉANT community. GÉANT’s first Open Call resulted in 30 new partners from across Europe joining the Consortium including Universities, Research Institutes and businesses (large and small). Open Call partners will work on 21 new projects to benefit GÉANT and the wider R&E community.

Open Calls fit well with GÉANT’s strategy which will focus on the development of innovative new products and services for the R&E community. The anticipated benefits of using the Open Call selection process:

  1. enhance GÉANT’s ability to provide world class connectivity and services to the knowledge community
  2. push the state of the art in innovation in R&E networking
  3. raise GÉANT’s profile in the area of networking research through the publication of peer reviewed academic articles (many projects are presenting at TNC!)
  4. support future services and technologies in the GÉANT network
  5. enable, test and stimulate use of GÉANT infrastructure (prototype and production)

In short, the Open Call process for choosing new participants to undertake RTD projects will make GÉANT future products and services more innovative; meaningfully present GÉANT as an open and transparent supporter of innovative network research; open up GÉANT to the work of top researchers from outside the current GÉANT community – thereby feeding new knowledge and ideas into existing GÉANT related research activities and participants. Overall the use of an “Open Call” as a process for selecting new collaborators and projects represents the ongoing EC vision of inclusion, openness and transparency for RTD in Horizon 2020 and this is demonstrated by the fact that both EC flagship programmes will use an Open Call process for the selection of new participants and projects.



  • Michael Enrico
  • Annabel Grant

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