The Future of the Global University - a Global CIO Perspective

In the United States, there is an expression "all politics is local," reflecting that even national politicians stay in office by serving their local constituency. Increasingly, throughout the world, higher education is an environment where “all universities are global,” reflecting the demographics of our students, faculty and alumni; the call our research, education and service missions place on us to improve the human condition; and the impact of technology—from MOOCs to cloud to social to mobility—in connected us fully and seamlessly. The result is a need to rethink ITC services delivery on campuses that are no longer geographically defined. During this provocative keynote, we will explore how the future university will be a global university --- global in the way it thinks, the way it acts, and the way it embraces new technological innovations. This rapid evolution to globalization of research, education and science are quickly forcing the development of new and unique technical, service and policy considerations for National Research and Education Networks. NRENs need to be the change agent that enables its universities to succeed in this remarkable time of international convergence.