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IETF update IETF update - "What's hot?"
SCIM IETF update - "What's hot?"
Multimedia Transport Protocols for WebRTC IETF update - "What's hot?"
eVA – eduroam Visitor Access Improving and innovating in eduroam
Standarising eduroam Testing, Monitoring, Metrics and Support Improving and innovating in eduroam
DjNRO: Django-based application for National Roaming Operators Improving and innovating in eduroam
eduroam UK Monitoring Probes Lightning Talks
OpenCache: Experimentation on a Grand Scale Lightning Talks
Experimentation on the Live Network Lightning Talks
ReFlow: Statistics on Internet Traffic Lightning Talks
Location of the Square Kilometre Array data processor Lightning Talks
Real Time Quality of Service Pathfinder Lightning Talks
Matterhorn is a mountain, too. Lightning Talks
Data Analysis as a Service (DAaaS) Lightning Talks
Real-time DDoS Defense: A collaborative Approach at Internet Scale Lightning Talks
The sustainability challenge of Open Source projects Lightning Talks
A strategy for handling of Phishing attacks against universities Lightning Talks
FileSender and how it helps with data sovereignty Lightning Talks
IPv6 at UCD after TNC2014 Lightning Talks
Heartbleed and EAP Lightning Talks