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How NRENs are working together Cloud services for education and research
Allowing the user to define the attribute release policy Better safe than private
Group authorisation and licensing for federated cloud services Better safe than private
The privacy paradoxes Better safe than private
How to move toward successful software development in Networking Bandwidth on deathbed?
The funding paradox Bandwidth on deathbed?
Making lightpaths available to users: don't forget the campus! Bandwidth on deathbed?
Hardware Abstraction Layer for non-OpenFlow capable devices Advanced networking
Community Connection Service for eScience Advanced networking
Making Overlay Networks Simple with Networks as a Service Advanced networking
Students Broadcasting in 4K, and other Adventures 1+1=3 in education
Community Management of the Swiss E-Learning Community eduhub 1+1=3 in education
Experiments in collaborative art across R&E networks 1+1=3 in education