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This is yet another session that will have you on the edge of your chair and that will leave you inspired and full of new ambitions. Make sure you do not miss this session or you will have to suffer hearing enthusiastic reports by your colleagues for days to come.

Education in schools as well as in universities is changing fundamentally with the help of ICT. Not only because of all the opportunities that ICT offers for new ways of teaching or new ways of data (gathering, storing, transporting, analyzing etc.), but also simply because the new teachers, students and researchers are digital natives.

Tracy Futhey will talk about the future of education from a University CIO perspective and address the challenges in bringing R&E into the cloud and how universities are tackling globalization and challenges with new educational 'mechanisms' (MOOCs, BYOD, etc).

Jelmer Evers will take us to new ways of education in schools. Is the current curriculum, developed well over 50 years ago still applicable in the digital age?


Tuesday, 20 May from 10:00 to 11:30 IST
O Reilly Hall
Erik Huizer SURFnet B.V.

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