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The globalization of science, research and education is challenging regular notions and implies that NRENs around the global must work together to join forces to provide interoperable services and infrastructure to support global collaboration beyond also the critical support for each NREN's "country" and communities within the country served by the NREN.

This session will offer insightful perspectives on the strategic roles of NRENs, from supporting local communities (e.g. schools) to supporting global collaboration and enabling collaborations across the board. Short presentations will include a number of examples from both NREN to NREN or NRENs to NRENs positioning from services to infrastructure to support communities at every level and we expect to have time for a dynamic discussion among the presenters around key questions on the role of NRENs.


Wednesday, 21 May from 12:00 to 13:30 IST
Ana Hunsinger INTERNET2

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