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Despite the fact that this session is the day after the night before (the Gala) you do want to get up early and not miss out on this one. This is the only session at TNC where you can have a real influence on the future of NRENs in Europe. This is not a session for leechers, it is a session for seeders. This is a working session. If you miss out, don't complain later if NRENs do not behave the way you would have wanted it.

GÉANT is the single most important European project that the collective European NRENs are undertaking. The aim of GÉANT is to improve the pan-European networking for education and research.

As part of the current project GÉANT 3+, a Strategy and Innovation Committee has worked on developing a strategy for GÉANT for 2015-2020. This session is meant to briefly present the strategy that was developed and then to engage in a discussion with the audience. The output of this session will be used to improve on the strategy.


Thursday, 22 May from 10:30 to 12:00 IST
Lecture Theatre C
Erik Huizer SURFnet B.V.

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