Working separately together
Wire free and worry free
Wednesday plenary - Security and privacy
Tuesday plenary - Rethinking Education
Thursday closing plenary - the art of networks
Thunderbolts and Lightning
There is work to be done: creating the GÉANT strategy
Supporting Innovation
Successful instantiations of cloud services
Simplifying federation deployment
Service delivery platforms
SDN virtual networks
SDN applications
PANEL - The future of the Global University - a global CIO perspective
PANEL - NRENs and the world: the outside world
PANEL - Going global on the cloud
PANEL - Global collaboration makes us stronger
PANEL - Facing challenges: the European NREN landscape
Network monitoring
Networking architecture
Monday opening plenary - Rethinking Research
Lightning Talks
Improving and innovating in eduroam
IETF update - "What's hot?"
From network architecture to testbed
Fighting network threats
Federated identity in research and education
Emerging cloud stack
Disruptive networks
Disruptive business
Cloud services for education and research
Better safe than private
Bandwidth on deathbed?
Advanced networking
1+1=3 in education