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SURFnet B.V. (Netherlands)

Wladimir Mufty

Wladimir Mufty is working as a project manager at SURFnet. As a member of the Wirefree-team he works on subjects such as the development of seamlessly integrated mobile access networks. By combining Wi-Fi eduroam and 4G LTE users can experience new mobile network innovations; "always on-campus", not only by being wireless but also by being truly mobile.

Wladimir successfully attended the “young talent program” at SURFnet. During these years he worked on several NREN related subjects such as high resolution video (4K UHD), lecture capturing systems, ICT Sustainability, information systems, and the SURFconext collaboration platform.

He received a B.S. in Information Engineering and his master’s degree in Human-Centered Computing from the University of Amsterdam in 2007.

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