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SUNET / University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Valter Nordh

In June 2013 Valter Nordh joined the TERENA Executive Committee as Vice President for the Technical Programme: with this responsibility he also chairs the TERENA Technical Committee (TTC).

Valter graduated in 2000 with a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he also worked in various IT-related roles until 2006. From 2006 Valter has been employed by the University of Gothenburg, where he led the Applications and Development team in the IT department before joining the GN3 project as a task leader (eduGAIN) and later as an activity leader in the AAI area.

Currently Valter shares his time between being a task leader in the GN3plus project task ‘federation as a service’ - a pilot to investigate how to lower the barriers for creating and running identity federations - acting as deputy activity leader for the GN3plus AAI activity, and being a CTO in the Swedish national research and education network SUNET. In SUNET Valter has been leading the Swedish identity federation, SWAMID, since its formation in 2007. Valter also chairs the programme committee for the 2014 NORDUnet conference.

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