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University College Dublin (Ireland)

Mark Keane

Mark Keane is Professor of Computer Science at UCD. He has a BA (1982) in Psychology from University College Dublin, and a PhD (1987) in Cognitive Psychology from Trinity College. He held posts at Queen Mary College, the Open University, the University of Cardiff and Trinity College Dublin before taking up the Chair in Computer Science at UCD in 1998. At UCD, he has held several positions of responsibility including Head of School, Associate Dean and Vice President for Innovation. From 2004-2007, he held the posts of Director of ICT and Director General of Science Foundation Ireland, being responsible for a research spend of €700M+.

His main areas of research have been in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Case-Based Reasoning and Power Laws in Web Behaviour. This research uncovered power-law regularities in large data-sets for mobile-web usage, web search and social media. These findings raised questions about why such distributions arise and how power-laws in language may reflect population-level opinions. His research has always been strongly multi-disciplinary and he has held posts in Computer Science and Psychology, making research contributions to both disciplines.

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