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Tildro Research BV (Netherlands)

Jaap van Till

Network Architect for government and corporate networks in Europe and for several stages of SURFnet, NL. Professor Internet Infrastructures at TU Delft, NL 1996-2000 and at HAN Polytechnic, NL 2000-2006. Member of the Scientific Council (WTR) of the SURF Foundation, NL 2006 - 2013. Now retired Jaap is giving visiting professor lectures and helps define Internet policy at boardroom/ government level where technical knowledge is very thin. Jaap is non-exec. board member of NDIX, the Netherlands-Germany distributed Internet Exchange. His blog: TheConnectivist.wordpress.com/
Text and slides of the presentation are on: http://theconnectivist.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/the-list-of-booming-city-regions-on-the-corridoria-trail-april13-14/