The TERENA Networking Conference 2014 is organised by TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association and hosted by HEAnet, Ireland's National Education and Research Network and held in the picturesque city of Dublin from 19-22 May 2014.

Local Host
John Boland HEAnet Ireland
Conference Organisation
Bert van Pinxteren TERENA
Gyöngyi Horváth TERENA
Magda Haver TERENA

TNC2014 Programme Committee

Erik Huizer SURFnet Netherlands
Guido Aben AARNET Australia
Bartosz Belter PSNC Poland
Jose Maria Fontanillo RedIRIS Spain
Lukas Hämmerle SWITCH Switzerland
Ana Hunsinger Internet2 USA
Leif Johansson SUNET Sweden
Reimer Karlsen-Masur DFN-CERT Services GmbH Germany
Lucy Lynch ISOC
Janos Mohacsi NIIF / HUNGARNET Hungary
Leonidas Poulopoulos GRnet Greece
Victor Reijs HEAnet Ireland
Roberto Sabatino DANTE
Brook Schofield TERENA
Niels van Dijk SURFnet Netherlands
Klaas Wierenga Cisco Systems
TERENA support
Helmut Sverenyak TERENA VP Conferences
Bert van Pinxteren TERENA
Valentino Cavalli TERENA
Gyöngyi Horváth TERENA
Christian Gijtenbeek TERENA (technical support)
Dyonisius Visser TERENA (technical support)
Magda Haver TERENA